With litter

Kitty Kan WITH litter boxes are pre-filled with all natural Blue Ribbon Premium Clay Cat Litter which is 99% dust free so you don't have to store, scoop, dump, touch.... litter again.

Kitty Kan 3 pack WITH Litter- FREE Shipping

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Kitty Kan with Litter (3 pack) Disposable Litter Box  -Lasts and easy 5-7 days.  Easy access for scooping if desired ... More

Kitty Kan 5 pack WITH Litter (5 week supply) FREE SHIPPING

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Comes with litter already inside, just open the Kitty Kan with litter and let your cat(s) do the rest... about 5-7 days... throw it away.  Really... More

Sample pack- Traveler and Kitty Kan with Litter FREE SHIPPING
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Have you been wondering which is the best Kitty Kan for your cat(s)?  Now you can find out risk free.  100% money back guarantee if you... More

NEW!!! Exclusive - Kitty Kan 3 pk with "DE" litter - Free shipping

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Still working on this page but if you know about "DE" litter then you are already a fan.  Same great Kitty Kan enclosed disposable... More

Sample 3 pack- 1 Traveler, 1 KK with clay litter, and 1 KK with DE litter (new)

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Now you can see which of our disposable litter boxes work best for you and your cats.   (still working on this product page but you get the... More