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Traveler 5 pk (10 week supply) Free Shipping

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Kitty Kan 5 pk Traveler

Kitty Kan 5 pack WITH Litter (5 week supply) FREE SHIPPING

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Comes with litter already inside, just open the Kitty Kan with litter and let your cat(s) do the rest... about 5-7 days... throw it away.  Really... More

Sample pack- Traveler and Kitty Kan with Litter FREE SHIPPING
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Have you been wondering which is the best Kitty Kan for your cat(s)?  Now you can find out risk free.  100% money back guarantee if you... More

Exclusive- The Cube (1 year guarantee) Free shipping

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The Cube cost less than a dime a day (and saves your furniture).  Guaranteed to last at least a year or it's free.  Even with up to 4... More

Kitty Kan Product Line Kitty Kan Product Line

Kitty Kan offers a variety of disposable, enclosed, portable litter boxes that make it easier to care for your kitty without the mess or fuss.

Leaving for the long weekend... set out a Kitty Kan and when you come dragging in late Sunday night, you can just toss out the Kitty Kan and pull out your regular litter box. 

Great for Traveling with your cats.  No more hauling a nasty litter box around the country.


So you got a friend to watch your cats while you go off on vacation... don't be shocked when the only time the regular litter box gets cleaned is the day you are exected back.  Instead, leave with a Kitty Kan set up, the Cat Sitter is going to thank you and so will the kitties. This way the cats will have a fresh clean place to go potty and your cat sitter will be able to pamper your kitties rather than scoop poop.